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About The TOW-STER

Buy a Tow-ster
directly from our warehouse
for just $395!

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The TOW-STER was created to satisfy many motorcyclists'
anxiety about being stranded in Missouri.
The possibility of running out of gas, having a flat front tire,
overheating, too-low fluid levels, etc. can make you
lay awake all night before a long ride.

Any teenager or adult can assemble and install a TOW-STER.
Then, you insert it into a standard, 2" trailer hitch*.
Finally, drive you and your bike home, or to the shop.


We started development with quite a few key objectives:
Make it strong.
Make it lightweight.
Make it easy to ship.
Make it simple to use.
Make it useable with as many motorcycles as possible.
Keep it low-cost.

*: Please click to read about Tongue Weight requirements.

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Tow-ster Version 2.0 now available for Missouri!

Tow-ster v2.0



Tow-ster v2.0

The First Tow-ster Release - Version 1.0 - circa 2008

Tow-ster v1.0


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